About Us

A small team based in Brisbane, Australia that absolutely LOVE dogs, we are a fun community of dog lovers, we wanted to transform the world of Pet Accessories from ugly bright colours and embarrassing patterns to truly Stylish dog wear.

Our mission is to make our gorgeous dogs famous by exposing them to the world.

We want our dogs to be all over social media snapped by the paparazzi and planted all over the pages, we want all dogs all over the world to have this opportunity as all our fury babies should, we want them looking cute, stylish and comfortable and not wear tacky things. 

Our store is full of stylish creations covering many styles of harnesses, sweaters, rain coats, collars, hoodies, bandanas, bow ties and more for the world’s most stylish pups.

We don't just want our fur babies to look and feel good but we also want to help grow their Instagram social following with our proven tips and tricks, giving our professional advice on anything dog related but most important have fun with our fur-babies.

Paw Unleashed has also expanded worldwide, giving the beautiful pups that are over the big water a chance to be famous also.

Join our community of dog lovers.

Love Paw Unleashed